Thursday, January 04, 2007

Youth Department Magazines

We wrote a while ago about all the magazines available in the adult department. It is the time of year when we renew our magazine subscriptions, so we thought we'd turn our attention to the magazines on the other side of the library! Our Youth Librarian, "Miss Kitty," says:

"The Mansfield Public Library Youth Department offers a wide variety of children's magazines that can be enjoyed in the library or checked out. Are you interested in science? Check out "Odyssey" or one of our many magazines that celebrates animals and nature. Do you like stories? We have "Cricket", "Spider", "Ladybug", and "New Moon", which is especially for girls. Girls will also enjoy "American Girl" and "GL." There are magazines for every interest, from sports to gaming to crafts. Adults may find something of interest as well, as we carry "Family Fun" and other publications for adults who love and care for children."

Remember, you may borrow magazines and take them home to enjoy!


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