Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Keeping track of your reading

Folks sometimes ask if we can tell them what items they have borrowed in the past. Sometimes they are wondering if they've read something previously, or they want to reread something they enjoyed in the past. Up until now, this was not something we could do. Sails has just made an adjustment in patron records, and as of today we can "turn on" a feature for you that will keep track of your borrowed items from now on. It will not show items borrowed before today.
Due to staff and time limitations, we will not be able to review this history at our main desk, but later this month you'll be able to access this feature through Ibistro, available at home or at our on-line catalogs. Just as when you log in to review your account, you'll be able to access your "history." I want to emphasize this is something you can "opt" into, it is not automatic. As we register new library users, we'll offer this option, but for previously registered users it will be something to ask for. Also, there are many people who want to keep their borrowing record invisible. That's a choice too! Let us know if you have any questions.


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