Monday, January 29, 2007

Placing holds and "suspending them"

Many of you reserve items by placing them on "hold." One of the options when you log in and place a hold is to "suspend" them. The SAILS system is looking into changing the words used, because many of you have been confused.
When you "suspend" a hold, it means this:
Your place in the holds queue remains the same, but that you do not want to receive the item during a certain time period. For example, if you are going to be away the first two weeks in March, you would "suspend" your hold on March 1, and "unsuspend" it when you are going to be back, say March 17.
When you "suspend" a hold, we don't call you or email you during that time period. If you're leaving on a certain date and not sure when you're going to be back, you can leave the "unsuspend" date blank until you return.

Suspending holds is only used when you are going to be unavailable to pick up your hold. Those options should be left blank otherwise...Do not fill in those options for other reasons. When you place a hold, the system assumes you want the item as soon as possible. And, of course please ask us if you need help, or an explanation, or would like us to suspend your items for you.


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