Thursday, July 24, 2008

NoveList Plus

Regular readers of this blog, our library newsletter, or our "Reader's Friend" newsletter concerning new books each month will know how fond I am of NoveList, to which we subscribe. If you click on the "on-line" link on the left of our home page, it will take you to our databases, of which NoveList is one. NoveList, sub-titled "your guide to fiction" helps readers find fiction titles they want to read. It includes series' lists, read-alike lists (i.e. if you like Nora Roberts, you'll like...), author interviews and links to their websites, award winners, etc. Today we decided to upgrade to NoveList Plus, which just debuted this spring. NoveList Plus is a great reader's source for information of the same kinds but includes fiction as well as non-fiction.
We're looking forward to this expanded product in a week or so and will let you know how it is...and we'd love to know if you use it.


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