Monday, March 23, 2009

Audio Books

As someone who will ride around the block a few times to continue listening to a great audio book, I just want to say that listening is great fun! Last week I drove around the block when I was on the last disc of TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS by Dr. Nick Trout. Dr. Trout is a vet at Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston. He's originally from Great Britain, and the audio book is wonderfully narrated by Englishman Simon Vance. I'd read somewhere that Simon Vance is a great narrator, and came across this audio book by looking to see if we had any titles narrated by him. And voila, there it was on our shelf. Animal lovers would enjoy this title, but do keep a few tissues at hand. The "book" has some laugh-out-loud parts too (at least to me!). The instant I finished TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS I popped the first disc of TESTIMONY by Anita Shreve into my car's cd slot. The story is loosely based on the sex scandal that took place at Milton Academy a couple of years ago. What makes this audio book particularly interesting is the number of narrators it least 10 or more, so far. Most have only 1, but this title has lots of different characters "speaking" with a different narrator for each. It really does hold the listener's interest.

We purchase audio books from Recorded Books, Books on Tape, and BBC Audiobooks. In addition, as part of Sails, we subscribe to Overdrive, which permits you to download audio books to your computer or MP3 player.


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