Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shark School

Material for children about sharks, including a FAQ, diagram identifying shark body parts, and facts about "ten shark species found in the waters off of southern California and northern Baja California." Shark species considered include leopard shark, swell shark, and angel shark. Also includes information about how to tell the difference between a shark and a ray, a glossary, and games. From the San Diego Natural History Museum.URL:

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Preserving Family Treasures

The Library of Congress has new information on "Preparing, Protecting, and Preserving" family treasures such as photos, electronic files, and documents.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Downloadable Audiobooks

We receive statistics every month on how our materials are circulating. In January, more people "borrowed" downloadable audiobooks from Middleboro and Attleboro than in Mansfield...every other library had less borrowers. This is a terrific service we offer and we'd like to see increased usage! The downloadable books cannot be downloaded to an Ipod (except very circuitously) but nearly every other MP3 player works fine. New titles are added monthly.

Colts and Bears make Superbowl history!

Collection of radio stories about Super Bowl XLI in February 2007. "In its 41-year history, the championship has never seen an African-American head coach. This year, both teams' head coaches are black." Features stories about the teams (Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts), players, black athletes and coaches, and related topics. From National Public Radio (NPR).

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Expanded Reference On-Line!

Exciting news from the people at Infotrac, one of our on-line databases:

* Patrons can now read the full-text of the New York Times, every
issue from 1995 to present day -- giving them the best in news and editorial coverage.
* Patrons can now also listen to any National Public Radio
program, as well as read transcripts, for shows produced by NPR from 1990 to present. In addition to providing a different type of news coverage, NPR content is great to use in the classroom.
* Very soon, we will be loading every Fodor's travel guide
published in 2006 and 2007, as well as hundreds of other travel guides from publishers such as Hunter's. During these cold, winter months, I'm sure the number of questions related to travel are booming!
* A large set of more than 20 reference sources, from multiple
publishers, is now available under the reference tab. This gives patrons authoritative overviews of topics in addition to the current periodicals coverage.
* Readers can access more than 3,000 full-text periodicals highly
recommended by Bowker's Magazines for Libraries -- more full-text than any other database. Therefore, you can trust that users are accessing the best information.
* Discover Magazine is now being loaded full-text with no embargo
-- a great publication for students and patrons interested in science content.
* Content can now be translated into 7 different languages, making
InfoTrac a useful resource even if your community demographics are changing.
* InfoTrac OneFile has now reached the impressive 11,000 title
mark -- with the majority of the content full-text and with no embargo.
This means that patrons can read the current issue right away.